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Jesus - a Super Star

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In the beginning of the movie when the group was getting off of the bus it looked as if

they were heading to so form of a concert or show. I must admit that I found the movie very

confusing and quit hard to analyze, yet there were many things that I noticed and will point out

my observations as follows:

* Mary Madeline seemed to be very sexually with Jesus and it seemed that he was enjoying and embracing it. More like lovers than teacher or leader and student or follower.

* When Jesus was met leprosy people who had been outcastes and living all together yet far away from so called normal civilization in the mountains. All of them just begging for a touch by Christ. Believing that a simple touch would heal them both physically and spiritually. Jesus was overwhelmed and almost fearful to me. As he told them that there were just too many of them and yet too little of him to heal them.

* There were so many weird and out of place things such as the post cards, guns, women offering sex for sell, modern style mirrors and so on in the temple which upset Jesus and he went into a rage and broke things because he said the temple was to be used only as a house of praise. It reminds me of churches today that have all kinds of sales in the name of the Lord. As we see that is not what the temple, house of God is to be used for. Funny how man can do things in the name of the Lord to benefit themselves.

* Watching the people singing about their love and belief in Christ and God, while asking to be saved. I think the overall point being made by Jesus was there are too many sinners and they are growing and growing each day.

* Judas and Jesus were arguing at the supper because of Judas betrayal of Jesus to the Pharisees. Judas told them where they could find Jesus to crucify him. Judas was upset because he said Jesus did not have a plan and let things get out of hand. When Judas returned and kissed Jesus on the cheek as the Pharisee soldiers came to take Jesus for judgment and crucifixion. It had to of been the ultimate form of betrayal for Jesus

* During Jesus judgment with the dancers in swimming suits, sun glasses and make-up. Talking about swimming pools etc. It was all so comical I was amazed that was even in the movie. It seemed so out of place and way too modern for the time.

* During the time that the people were asking Creaser to crucify Jesus when all he had done was try to help them, it was a shame for them all to stand there and watch as he was beat while the only one who appeared to be filled with guilt and hurt was Mary Madeline. How sad and it must have been so painful for him mot only physically but mentally.

* As Jesus was being marched



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