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Jet Blue 2007 Major Meltdown

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Essay Preview: Jet Blue 2007 Major Meltdown

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Jet Blue

In February 2007 Jet Blue had a major meltdown, if one was just to look on the outside of the story one could easily blame the tech department. The true blame of the meltdown needs to be focused on management. The whole problem started with a company policy of getting all flights off the ground. This policy led to planes sitting on the tarmac and flights being canceled at last minute. The failure to cancel flights sooner led to a overwhelming burden on Jet Blues computer systems. The computer system is operational and can handle normal business, however managements decision to wait on canceling flights caused 1000's of passengers to be stranded and needing rebooking. The system was not able to handle the call volume. The tech team increased the systems ability to handle more calls but then management still was not ready with personnel to answer the calls. Management showed it was not ready for emergencies. There was a lack of training and cross training. A lack of communication and also what can be called a disregard for customer service. If I was a manager at Jet Blue I would use this experience to make sure my computer system was upgraded and have more people trained to help with the phone systems so that in the future we can handle our customer service during a bad issue much better.



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