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John Stuart Mill’s Argument of Utilitarianism

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Essay Preview: John Stuart Mill’s Argument of Utilitarianism

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John Stuart Mill’s initial argument of utilitarianism suggests that that morality directly links to the consequence of a given action. On the other hand, individuals tend to connect their awareness of the implications of a given action on their happiness. People are wary of the eventualities that may result from specific actions. It shows that social status is not the most dominant fact in seeking happiness and comfort. No one well-being matters more than that of any other person while making essential choices. Classical utilitarianism stresses optimization of opportunities. The most important thing for humanity is to seek self-value and happiness. In this case, most people target their decisions at capitalizing on day-to-day opportunities.

The second argument suggests that pleasure matters the most, particularly for those who are predominantly optimistic. The question of good versus right is one of the primary stumbling blocks in seeking happiness. The theory of Utilitarianism addresses the question by establishing various points of view, Firstly, good and right should experiment in reference to one another. The best way to identify the right things is by considering the options that yield optimal value. One can assess whether something is right or not depend on how it satisfies their needs. On the other hand, good is all about the amount of happiness. Utilitarianism provides a reference for linking what is right to good, to provide optimum satisfaction. It finds that happiness is desirable, despite an inability to achieve a given objective. In this case, people want to associate with a sense of accomplishment. The environment provides unlimited opportunities for seeking personal satisfaction. Certain choices make one happy, but appear to limit the possibilities of others.

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