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John and Elizabeth

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In "The Crucible" everything is changing almost constantly. Especially the characters, always worried about staying above the accused or not trying to become accused, what people think of them, bringing honor to their name, whatever it may be the characters are always changing something about themselves to fix or to show who they are. A perfect example is the ways that John and Elizabeth Proctor change over the course of the story, not only for themselves but also for each other, and for other people. The insight that they gain from each other and among the other townspeople lets them finally understand the purpose of why they are changing who they are.

Elizabeth is an older woman that knows what she is doing. She is also a cautious woman, she is holding back feelings, words, and any other thoughts that she doesn't want a conflict over. She is an honest woman. She is also very wise and understands the power to hold back. Unlike Abigail she does not rush into hysteria when something does not go her way, she knows the boundary of right and wrong and is always on the good side of things. Although her husband committed adultery with Abigail, Elizabeth was not vindictive of Abigail or her husband John. She was hurt by it but it did not break her. She forgave John but wanted him to forgive himself and she couldn't be the loving wife that he wanted if he was not willing to be a man that believed in himself.

John Proctor is a hardworking farming man. John is an honest man that is under the spell of temptation and lead to his committing of adultery against his wife Elizabeth. Although he commits Adultery, he confesses to Elizabeth of his crime because he cannot live with a lie that big on his shoulders. With confessing he thought that it would blow over and be done. He didn't prepare himself for the guilt and the suffering he would put Elizabeth or himself through. After awhile, John wants nothing more than to fix his relationship with his wife but finds that he can't when she doesn't let him. What he doesn't know until she tells him is that he needs to fix the relationship with himself before anything can be fixed with her.

Elizabeth begins to change from the moment she finds out about the act of adultery committed against her. She becomes a cold and quiet wife. She becomes this emotional rock that makes it hard to be in a relationship. Elizabeth has every right to be hurt and makes sure John knows she is. As she progresses and sees the hysteria coming and into her and her husband being accused she begins to lean on her husband a little bit more. She begins to see Abigail's plan and her "dream" of being with John. Abigail being the young, smart, and conniving girl that she is, Elizabeth becomes protective and lets John know of her plans and he begins to see her shed a little light on their relationship. She even goes as far to lie for him to protect him, although



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