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Johnson & Johnson Case Study

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Johnson &Johnson until the second quarter of 2010, owning to recalling products, it causes the consumer products revenue fell 5.4% to $3.6 billion. We should do some measures quickly and correctly.

Firstly, we recalled all of the products which did not have good quality and have something unhealthy factors as soon as possible. And we pay more attention to monitor and supervise the producing procedure of the products and the environmental sanitation. Secondly, we enhance the degree of the biological and pharmacological and toxicological tests to make sure the product to be healthy and useful.

According to the solutions and policies of issue of the" Tylenol crisis", they do something in the four aspects. Firstly, the company recalls the products which have quality problems in the world. Then, the company gives the warning to the hospitals, shopping malls, medical stores and wholesalers. And the company founds a special fund to use in public managements and production reformations. Secondly, we should makes relationship with the social media and network sincerely and public. Then, we accord to these relationships to spread the true information including good news and bad news to make the consumers can later news about the issues of our company to make up the crisis of confidence of consumers. Similarly, we should do the public relations with government and consumers. Thirdly, we actively cooperate with the investigation of the American medical administration and follow their orders to recall the products to test and research. Besides, we proclaim the results of examine from the FDA to the public people. Finally, we enhance the supervise of products production and production environment reformation.

The quality and unhealthy problem of products is a serious problem in modern business. If we do the wrong steps of solving, we will lose the company's image, consumer confidence and market shares, it will be deadly influences on our sales and interests. We should do well on products recalling, public relation managements-public crisis managements and production reformation and , which is the most important steps in the whole plan.



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