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Johnson & Johnson

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BUSN300 - Unit 5 Individual Project

American InterContinental University


Johnson & Johnson is a major organization that produces, develops and manufactures medications and other medical supplies, such as eye wear and contacts. The company is a Fortune 500 company that even though has experienced several setbacks has remained successful through the years. In this paper we will discuss and analysis the company's ability to manage and execute a project.

Johnson & Johnson

The legal environment of Johnson & Johnson Corporation is to make sure the company abides by all laws and regulations that are set forth by the government. In order to do this the company has developed a handbook and mission statements that the employees are required to follow. The handbook, which includes the corporations Credo values, enables the employees to learn of the ethical principles and behavior that the company expects the employee's to comply with. Johnson & Johnson is an international company and operates in various parts of the world so each individual entity must ensure that the employees in that unit are abiding by the laws and regulations set forth by that particular country. The handbooks also provide the employee's with an overview of the legal requirements in the departments like sales and marketing, labor and employment rights and the human rights of each employee.

The Social environment for Johnson & Johnson is as critical to the company as their legal environment. In 2011, Johnson & Johnson contributed over $500 million to charities, in the United States and other countries. The company works diligently at boosting employee morale by offering their employees various perks, such as company incentives, and medications. Each year the company works to increase the contributions that they make to charities and employees by 3% more then the ones made the year before. Since the early 2000's, Johnson & Johnson has reduced the amount of environmental waste they put out and have resided on various boards for environmental projects. The company has partnered with nonprofit organizations and other conservation groups to help promote and encourage environmental protection for future generations. The main factor for the company is that it operates higher standards in the countries that do not have the same concerns for the environment as the U.S.

Johnson & Johnson economic environment is quite profitable. The company is currently one of the major providers of medications and various medical supplies in the United States. The company had a slight decrease in funds for the years of 2008 - 2010 due to a huge recall of defected medications. They received bad publicity for the particularly slow reaction the company demonstrated to issue the recall. For the current year, Johnson & Johnson has had a minor decline in sales by over 3-½% and expect to see a revenue reduction of 23%.

The Johnson & Johnson project management department operates each individual company under the same guidelines, even though each acts independently of the other. The company is made of autonomous subsidiaries with each having to abide by the governed principles that the main entity was founded and based on.

When beginning a project, the time for complexion is critical



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