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Juan Ponce De Leon

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Essay Preview: Juan Ponce De Leon

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Juan Ponce de Leon and I come from a country called Spain. He came to this land with his cousin, Christopher Columbus in 1493, to set up Spanish colonies, search for gold, and find the “Fountain of Youth” in a place called Bimini. Throughout the ages people have always looked for miraculous ways to stay young forever. According to legend, there just might be a spring of water that is supposed to be rejuvenating in this New World. Also, believe it or not, Ponce de Leon is the leader of an expedition to possibly find this“Fountain of Youth! I hope I’m successful in this attempt.

“Fountain of Youth”

Early Life

Juan Ponce de Leon was born in 1460, in San Servas, which is now Spain. As a young boy, he became interested in sailing because of his cousin, Christopher Columbus, and he worked mostly during his youth for a Spanish knight as a page. As a page, or servant, Ponce de Leon cleaned the Spanish knight’s clothing, took care of his weapons, and horses. At this time in his life, he also wanted to “hurry and grow up to be a soldier” because he had observed and enjoyed watching squires fighting while looking out the window below in his courtyard. They were practicing fighting with swords as a master-at-arms stood close by, giving the squires instructions. Since Ponce de Leon was fortunate enough to be born into a noble family he was able to work for the Spanish knight and therefore, was then taught how to become a knight.


Ponce de Leon was taught to hunt and use weapons as a squire and then was recruited to fight against the Moors from 1487-1492 over a place by the name of Granada. Ponce de Leon was so successful as a solider that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, let him join Columbus's second voyage to the New World. This was his greatest wish in life. Ponce de Leon, finally a conquistador, was about to fulfill his dreams. Since the New World was thought to be filled with many riches and valuables such as spices, silk, and gold he had been given a crew to help with this enormous task. His voyage was not easy because when he was sailing near what is believed to be Daytona, Florida today, the Calusa Indians who inhabited the island shot arrows at them and some tribes would not allow them to even go ashore.



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