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Kampar Cottage Restaurant

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Essay Preview: Kampar Cottage Restaurant

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Executive Summary

Kampar Cottage restaurant use an innovative concept to target a new and growing market of a consisting mainly of young students from University Tunku Abdul Rahman. They are also a sizable market of existing local residents in and around the proposed location of our restaurant. We are quite confident that this target market will respond and expand rapidly in the coming five years. We aim to build up a reputable image of quality, consistence in service and safety of food which we strive to become the leader of a new style of dining.

Besides providing dining-in service, we would like to consider the take-out and delivery service which may provide a promising growth for our food business. If our operation is profitable after the first year, we may consider seeking out and operating another restaurant using the same concept like Kampar Cottage.

Logically, all business ventures have risks. We hinge our success in creating high volume sale on the strength and acceptance of a relatively young market in Kampar. Normally, any successful business, including restaurant business, will attract copycat competition from independent business unit.

Our long term development plan is to operate five Kampar Cottage style restaurants in the coming ten years. By that time, if our operation is very successful, we will consider a buy-out by any established restaurant concern to lock in our profit.

Kampar Cottage will offer competitive salaries and wages to all the employees. The benefits packages include contribution to Employee Provident Fund, medical and group personal insurance. Besides that, our company also gives a day off each week to all employees on a rotational basis. All gazette public holidays like Merdeka day, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa and Christmas day will be considered as rest days for the employees.

Our top management team; that is the four founders, namely Mr. Tan Yang Hong, Mr. Lim Yook Sai, Mr. Tang Jun Liang and Mr. Lim Chun Siong. Mr Tan Yang Hong, the chief executive officer of Kampar Cottage has a track record of innovation in his management style. Mr. Tan Yang Hong holds a master degree in business management and he will be responsible to plan business strategies for the company. He was previously attached to the famous restaurant chain EAT WELL Bhd. and instrumental in maintaining high sale figures during his tenure. Mr. Lim Yook Sai, a master degree holder, is our general manager specializing in human resource and financial management. He will be in charge of the overall daily management of Kampar Cottage restaurant. Mr. Tang Jun Liang is a certified chef from the Institute of Asian Cuisine based in Bangkok. He is familiar with various styles of Asian cooking. Mr. Tang Jun Liang had made a name for himself as a well-known chef in Bangkok. He has just return to Malaysia to be with his family. Mr. Lim Chun Siong is the treasurer of Kampar



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