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Spicy House Restaurant Business Plan

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Executive summary:

Spicy house is a qualified semi-buffet restaurant that offers a kind of newly prevailed food----spicy pot. Customers choose and buy the ingredients that they'd like to be added to the pot and the class of spicy flavor by themselves. And our professional chef will stir-fry and process the ingredients for them for free.

At Spicy house customers can enjoy our authentic Sichuan-taste food in a rather comfortable environment, and choose ingredients as them like.

For it's a newly prevailed kind of food, in Xi'an and the whole northeast China, there hasn't been such kind of restaurant yet. That means there is little competition now. So it's a great opportunity and choice to start our business in Xiaozhai, a developed commercial district with a high daily passage flow in Xi'an firstly.

Our marketing strategy is to emphasize the pure and unique flavor of Sichuan-taste and the freedom to choose ingredients. Also, we have set up a series of advertising and promotion approaches during the first few months of our opening to attractive customers initially as well as some regular or irregular promotion activities too.

Our business ownership is Private Limited Company (Ltd) owned by 3 of us. The advantage of that is greater access to capital, shared responsibility, greater opportunity for specialization and easy to set up. On startup we will have a few servers, few managers and one director.

Based on the market potential and the big size of catering industry, our first year goal is to make the first year sales hit between $1.5 and $2 million. Then, earn net profit of 3,730,800 within two years payback period, expanding to 5 stores by the 5th financial year. Our goal is to provide our customers with an entire dining experience that exceeds their expectations on every visit. We believe our unique services will gain customers' recognition.



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