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Khe Sahn Lyrics

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Khe Sahn lyrics

Jimmy Barnes -

the song Khe Sanh is basically about a man who can't fit in to society, he has just got back from Vietnam, and after the things he saw he is finding life hard. Khe Sanh is a city in Vietnam.

V-Day was the day WW2 ended in 1945, stands for Victory Day.

Sydney is a city in Australia (unless you were hiding under a rock for two weeks in September 2000, you'd know this).

I left my heart to the sappers round Khe Sahn

A sapper is a military title given to demolition experts and is a term that has been in use since the Middle Ages

And I sold my soul with my cigarettes to the black market man

The black market is not really a place, but it is like illegal trade, when he is talking about his soul he means that he was being given to war, and he thought that this was wrong.

I've had the vietnam cold turkey

they are talking about when they came back from war, trying to give up the drugs instantly, they would go crazy and they referred to that as having cold turkey.

From the ocean to the silver city

the vets have travelled from the coast to inland Australia, but still is suffering from the Vietnam experience.

And it's only other vets can understand

Vets are veterans and know one has been through that so know one understand them and what they have seen.

About the long forgotten dock side guarantee

They are refering to political act made during the time of the war.

How there were no v-day heroes in 1973

V-day stands for victory day. After ww2 when we won the war and everyone went into this massive party. They are saying that when they came home there was none of this for them. Back then the troops that went to Vietnam were treated really badly. Australian's didn't believe in the war and they didn't see any point for our soldiers to be there. It didn't matter to them that the men had no choice.

And how we sailed into Sydney harbour i saw an old friend but i couldn't kiss her

after the war when they were coming back into Australia.

she was lined and i was home to the lucky land

meaning she was on drugs, high.

And she was like so many more from that time on

Their lives were all so



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