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Would I Ever Turn This into Lyrics for a Song

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Essay Preview: Would I Ever Turn This into Lyrics for a Song

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am i happy?

a question of such void and stoic obstinance that it drives the mind


am i happy?

Allow me to first set the grounds as to justify the pessimistic viewpoint

that you, the reader, may interpret from this simple question.

A simple a question, that almost to extinguish its own existence,

portrays a paradoxical meaning of polar destruction aimed at the heart of

humanity.The justification for this...

Your imagination. Otherwise I have fulfilled the grounds for the earlier


No, I am not happy. On the contrary, I don't believe I have any reason to

truly be unhappy without just cause.

I live in an ideal two-story house with magnifiscent parents whom have

taken the liberty in raising a problematic creature such as I. Who am I

to have mistook the love of such great people into anything other than


I enjoy many activities in secret.Some that would truly seem out of

character, but it matters not. People can very well be damned.

I know myself to be two-faced, but more accurately poly-faced.

I place a facade on the thin layer of sanity that tautly fabricates the

existence of what few people I have acquainted myself to conceal what I

understand as the more chaotic, wild and inappropriately squeamish person

I feel myself to be, and if left unchecked, an essence that could

overtake my very being.

This facade that I place on my being, it kills me, but keeps me alive.

Am I not the only one with this mortification?

Doubtless there are many like myself, so is that a justification for

bearing it, because others have?

For the time being, that's what I use to keep me running, because I know




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