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King Kong Movie Analysis

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In the original version of the movie, I did not like several scenes. Keeping in mind that was the first futures technological advances that they discover. I really did not like how King Kong and the other creatures look like, they seem to me as a cartoon movie. Also, there are many scenes that the film director should have taken it out because they are not significant in the movie. For example, the scene when they are in the boat going to Skull Island, I would have reduced that and made it shorter. Another important change for the movie was the fact that the girl was screaming too much and it was annoying. The only thing I would add to the old version is in the part where King Kong is on top of the Empire State Building and they are shooting at him. I will put some sound effects with some music because as it is right now, we hear the airplanes flying the whole time.

The movie king Kong symbolizes the idea of escape. I think it symbolizes escape because when King Kong came out, Americans were in the era of the Great Depression. With the launching of King Kong, people had the opportunity of escaping for a short period of time and not think about the economy. Also, King Kong symbolizes that in the movie, the movie director wanted to go to skull Island and film the movie no matter if he put lives in danger, no matter anything!

In my opinion, I think the meaning of the film is to give the audience the idea that the "peculiar" creatures can have a kind heart like King Kong or the other movie E.T, the weird alien-creature that takes the heart of the audience after watching the movie. After working with the idea of having the themes of peculiar creatures in Hollywood, movies such as Twilight, avatar and others begins to come out because the public are attracted to them. At the end of King Kong in the latest version, we observe that the girl is not scare anymore and that she has trusted him because she knows the Kong has no bad intension with her. The final scene, the movies ends in a sad mood.



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