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Sociology Movie Analysis

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Essay Preview: Sociology Movie Analysis

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Sociology is known as the study of human social behavior, origins, development, organizations, and institutions. We experience different altercations with sociology every day that we live. In the movie "Tower Heist", it displayed many sociological perspectives that were discussed in our class sessions through the past few weeks. Social groups, formal organizations, and social interaction within different groups are just a few social topics I noticed that were presented in the movie.

Secondary groups are people who come together to accomplish a specific purpose. They are impersonal and goal oriented. They are involved in only some segments of its members' lives. In "Tower Heist", a secondary group was created between six of the co-workers in the tower. Being that none of the co-workers never really had any major connection besides working in the tower amongst each other, they came together to perform one task, to rob Mr. Shaw.

A Bureaucracy is a formal organization marked by a clear hierarchy of authority. It involves a existence of written rules of procedures and regulations. Bureaucracy functions on striving for the efficient attainment of organizational goals. While working at the Tower, a form of bureaucracy was established in the work environment. Establishing rules for co-workers such as not being able to accept tips and being prohibited from using their cell phones while working are prime examples of establishing rules and regulations for their environment (The Tower), Mr. Shaw being the higher authority.

Authority is power accepted legitimate by those subjected to it. In Tower Heist, I believe that Mr. Shaw is an excellent example of authority. Being that he is the owner of the tower, he has the power of employment over all the employers at the Tower. Whatever Mr. Shaw says goes goes. Because of the fact that he has so much fortune, his fortune is what created his authority. Mr. Shaw made a comment about going for the FBI agent's badges for arresting him. Since he had so much authority, he may have been very successful in his threat, if he had not become discredited because of his illegal actions.

Hierarchy is basically a system of an organization in which people or things are divided into levels of importance. In the Tower Heist, Mr. Shaw would be at the top of the chart being that he is the owner of the tower. Josh Kovacs would be next in line because he was the manager of the hotel. Then there is Charlie, the concierge, followed by the educated engineer Enrique, the maid Odessa, and last the former resident Mr. Fitzhugh. Based on their level of authority or importance is how the employees are ranked in the pyramid of Hierarchy.

The social interaction that was displayed in Tower Heist that was brought to my acknowledgment throughout the movie is cooperation. Cooperation is when individuals or groups combine their efforts to reach some common goal. The goal in Tower Heist



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