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Kristof Summary

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Kristof Summary

As of late, there has been an issue that has evoked emotions around the United States, the issue of building an "Islamic Center" close to what is considered "Hallowed Ground". Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nikolas D Kristof approached this subject in this article "America's History of Fear" in The New York Times. Nikolas D Kristof appeals to the reader's logic and emotions through his articulately crafted rhetoric to accurately portray the issues of "The Ground Zero Mosque".

In Nicholas D. Kristofs op-ed article, originally published in The New York Times on September 4, 2010, Kristof makes a case against those who oppose Park 51 ("Ground zero mosque") by giving historical references of similar instances and calling upon his audience to stand up for the founding rights of this country. Kristof begins by making the argument that people oppose the Ground Zero mosque not due to "hatred but fear" (Kristof). These Americans have a mistrust and fear of the Muslims because they "behave and worship differently" then they do (Kristof). Kristof makes the case that these fears are based on true concerns about extremists that do exist but then agitators enter the picture and take these true apprehensions and blow them out of proportion. Kristof gives a historical reference of the USA when the internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans occurred during WWII. The article mentions how throughout history America has stood for justice over the intolerant hate of others and each time this "has ultimately prevailed over the know nothing impulse" (Kristof). Kristof finishes by mentioning how Americans have called on muslim moderates to stand up against extremism and that we should do "the same at home" (Kristof).

In Kristof's article we can quickly see the rhetoric appealing to our logic on the topic of "The Ground Zero Mosque". The very title of his article appeals to us as "America's History of fear", the point that America has had previous similar problems already gives a logical semblance to the current event. In the Op-Ed article Kristof writes of a previous Religion that was vilified by mentioning "the catholic menace" (Kristof). Kristof mentions an account of a woman who "wrote a memoir" claiming little boys were grounded to sausages by Catholics. Now in this day and age in America this statement would be considered ludicrous. This makes us logically consider some of the statements made about muslims to be false as well. Kristof goes on to mention that us (Americans) not trusting the muslims is due mostly to irrational fear and this same "distrust led us to burn witches, intern Japanese-Americans" (Kristof). Kristof gives us a direct example of a religion demonized not too long ago to give us a logical connection to todays issue with the "ground zero mosque". He also shows us through the precise use of his rhetoric some of the past mistake in America's history that were also caused by fear, making us logically



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