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Wicked Lovely Summary

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Wicked Lovely is a lively and riveting tale of Aislinn, a girl who was born with the sight; the ability to see fairies. Throughout her life, Aislinn has lived by three rules. Number one, don't stare at invisible fairies. Two, don't speak to invisible fairies. And most importantly of all, don't ever attract their attention. Being able to see fairies has always been in the Foy blood line. She has always believed that fairies were evil creatures that loved messing with humans, creatures that did no good. Ash lives a "normal" life, until the day that the summer king, Keenan, changes everything for her. He says he has dreamed about her, and that she is the one that can change everything, and pause the everlong winter.

There are several significant scenes that make this book worth reading. One of my favorites is when Aislinn is described to the readers. In this scene Keenan, a fairy king, talks about his thoughts at first sight. "This one, though, she was afraid...Delicate. It made her seem more vulnerable, easier to approach." (Melissa Marr, pg 13) This scene is very important because as the book goes on, Keenan becomes a very significant character in the book. After his first glance of Aislinn, her life changes rapidly. Another way it is important is because readers get learn what kind of girl Aislinn is, the description of her in this scene very well fits with her overall personality. "Her already-pale skin blanched when he reached out to her, making her look like a wraith framed by her straight blue-black hair." (Melissa Marr, pg 13) Aislinn is a shy, benevolent girl with exotic features as well as the incredible ability to see fairies.

As well as Aislinn, the book also has quite a few other main characters. These include Beira, Donia, and Seth, who, like Aislinn, are characterized very glamorously. Seth, Beira, and Donia all have very alluring personalities that are depicted from their actions. For instance, Beira, the winter queen, is killing other fairies and wants the world to stay forever winter. The way she treats her court and Donia, a winter girl, very much showing that she is a malevolent and evil person. Seth, also an important character that ties in with the plot, is Aislinn's human lover. Although the summer court disapproves of him, their feelings for each other are very obvious and each would do anything for the other. In one scene of the book, Aislinn uses a secret formula to give Seth the sight too (This is illegal and against fairy laws), only because she trusts him and both Keenan and Donia believe he truly deserves it.

"The staff was gripped in her hand, but there was no cold to bring her to her knees. Instead that blinding glow was no longer coming from Keenan: it flared from her own skin." (Melissa Marr, pg 306) This is one of the most important quotes of all, because in this part of the book, Aislinn is pronounced Summer Queen. After years of



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