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Lack of Maintenance on Roads

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During the winter or 2010 we had severe weather. It was a long hard winter. Long snow falls and hard packed ice had a severe impact on the roads. Freezing temperatures way below our normal winters caused roads to crack and crumble. Outcome; severe pot holes. These are a danger to motorists. Especially when severe rain fills them with water and it is difficult to tell how deep they are. Cars are damaged and sometimes this damage is not completely recognised until the vehicle is in for servicing or repair. An example of this is a steering wishbone. Cracked due to hitting a large pot hole but it is out of site to the driver. Through time this will become more dangerous and if lucky the vehicle will be put in for service or mot and then the damage will be noticed.

Wheels are obviously easier to see the immediate damage on impact. Tyres blow out, wheels twisted or dented and this costs money to repair.

All councils have a website and you can report the damage on it. You should always receive a reference number to allow you to claim any damage against.

In Glasgow we are now in July and there are still large potholes in some roads that have not been repaired. It is a disgrace and when you talk to councillors, they tell you it is due to the cutbacks. Absolute nonsense. It is imperative that these potholes are filled in as this will cut the cost of claims to each and every council. Patchwork repairs are useless and they only come loose again within a matter of days.



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