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Rules of the Road

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When it comes to red light cameras are there really advantages to them or are they simply an invasion of privacy.

In America we have the right to choose what we do and how we feel about certain things overall. So even though most people could care less about red light cameras some feel it's an invasion of privacy and should be illegalized. Is it an invasion when the only time the camera will take your picture is if you break the law? But what about those of us, who feel that they are necessary and important to the community as a whole, it has its benefits. In these hard financial times I would rather have a red light camera than to have my taxes raised. So why shouldn't red light camera be a main staple and why not.

While sitting at a red light late one night, a lone driver waits light turns green. The driver hits the gas and a car nearly hits you because it ran a red light. Now the driver is in shock and didn't get the tag number because it all happened so quickly. When he looks up to thank a higher being the driver see a red light camera and smiles because he didn't get the tag number but the camera did. In situations like this happen we all are grateful that the camera is there to watch over us at any given time. Because the police can't be in all places at once, so thus we have red light cameras and their benefits.



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