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Lady Macbeth

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Essay Preview: Lady Macbeth

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Macbeth killed a lot of people so he can become king. I had a little talk with him before he died; he seemed like a lovely person. He even showed me around his castle it was beautiful and he even gave me one of his wife's gowns it was beautiful. We went in to his guest room to have this interview the guest room was huge and beautiful.

Eileen: hay Sir Macbeth, how are you?

Macbeth: good, thank you very much, how about you?

Eileen: good, thank you. So how it going being the king,

the thane of cardow and thane of glamis?

Macbeth: good, everything is fine, but my wife is very sick so I

am very worried.

Eileen: oh, that is very sad I hope she feels better soon, so

what made you want to become king?

Macbeth: there were some witches who told me my prophecy

that I shell be king,

Eileen: so from then on you wanted to kill every one that were

next in line for the crown.

Macbeth: yes, that is true.

Eileen: didn't you have any moments when you did not want

to kill anymore?

Macbeth: yes I did, but my wife would bring me back to realty.

Eileen: wow, the queen is very loyal.

Macbeth: yes she is very loyal, I love her very much.

Eileen: so I have heard the Malcolm and Macduff is going to

to find a way to kill you, is that true?

Macbeth: no, it is not true; they are all the way in

England they can't get me.

Eileen: is that so, well thank you for your time, it was a

honour talking to you.

Macbeth: it was an honour talking to you as well.

Eileen: well good luck being king.

Macbeth: thank you.

In this, the conclusion is that the witches are to be blame and it was them who made Macbeth kill this entire people. I was planed to speak to Lady Macbeth but as you have known she was sick so bad luck.



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