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Hamlet & Macbeth

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Hamlet & Macbeth are both characters in heroic plays of shakespeare and they both face things that will change their future . Hamlet is a prince from Denmark and when his father died he was confused about his mothers relationship with his uncle , but when he sees his dads ghost , it asks him to avenge him . On the other hand , Macbeth was a warrior from Scotland and 3 witches told him his future . They also have similarities . They are both from royal familys and their past comes back to haunt them , which results in their death .

The dilemmas they face are similar because they kill people in order to fulfill what they are trying to accomplish. For example , Hamlet tries to see out the truth behind his father ' s death to avenge him and he kills Polonius to prove a point to his mother . And Macbeth is seeking out to be king because the three witches told him he will soon become king, and he kills people to get to where he would like to be at. At the end, both are killed for the things they have done to get the things they wanted, but Hamlet dies honorable and Macbeth does not . The reason Hamlet dies honorable because he avenges his father the way his father wanted .

Hamlet wnats to know the truth behind his mothers fake mourning and he says : "Together with all forms, moods, shapes, grief, that can denote me truley ; These indeed seem, for they are actions that a man might play ; But I have that within which passeth ; These but the trappings and the suit of woe. "Hamlet wants to avenge his father and find out the truth and he goes through many obstacles to find out these things. Macbeth wants to become a king after the witches tell him "All hail, Macbeth, thou ahalt be king hereafter !" , and they tell him this, he tries to get his way to be king .



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