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Leadership Case

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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other". This was said by one of the greatest leaders in America, John F. Kennedy. This quote is a summation of what leadership is truly regarding. Effective leaders are aware that the process of learning continues even though they are required to lead over a certain group of peoples. Having qualities of leadership allow a person to excel in many scenarios including the workplace, or even a scene of a terrible car crash, parenting, and numerous other situations people encounter throughout their daily routine. Having the qualities of a leader allows a person to make a difference in the world, while continuing to learn new things. It's important to know yourself, and continue to seek for self-improvement.

The interest of the people is another important aspect a leader must be knowledgeable about. When a person governs over another, they are looked upon for advice, wisdom, and respect. The image a leader portrays is crucial to earning the respect of their followers and maintaining the representation they are trying to depict. Successful leaders include Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and Ronald Reagan. These leaders maintained the image of perseverance and determination which allowed their followers to jump quickly and follow them onto a road of success. A leader needs to have the aspect of an excellent role model and exude the principals of integrity and dependability.

Being a great leader requires a person to have endurance. In order to achieve a goal or deadline, followers look up to their leader to have the stamina to withstand rejection or denial. It is important for a leader to continuously seek what is best and stop at nothing to achieve the goals possible to serve their people. Having endurance caters more towards a personal trait that is required of a leader; however it is a very important aspect. Motivation to succeed must remain in the back of a person's mind and always reiterate itself constantly. Without motivation and endurance in leadership, tasks would never become completed.

The scheme of leadership is like a blueprint for a housing project. Many aspects are needed to create a beautiful and effective masterpiece. Each characteristic acts as the bricks that work together to achieve a great leader. The principals must all be present, or the foundations that the ideas of leadership were founded on will crumble. It is crucial to have some sort of leaders in the world today to help guide civilization to aspire to achieve greatness.



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