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Leadership Position Case

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Leadership is a high level position in the given workplace which can happen anywhere in a person's career, ranging from being a team leader to a senior manager. In these positions, leaders are supposed to represent their team in a direction in order to give voice to their goals. From other perspective, business colleagues also rely on leaders who can provide them with quality guidance. Therefore to become a successful leader, it is essential to obtain effective interpersonal skills and knowledge in order to achieve the best outcome of teamwork. Making or breaking a company will depend on how the excellent skills and qualities are used by leaders to fully develop the people in their workplace. This essay will analyse three different leadership capacities, namely self-awareness, motivation and working under pressure, which will benefit the leaders and the people they work with and for. Moreover, two examples will be provided for each aspect from real world to illustrate how people will benefit from their professional leadership skills and achieve success in their workplace.

In a leadership position, self-awareness is one of essential capacities for leaders to master the personality traits and behavior of their colleagues, customers and clients so that they can make changes to the direction for better outcomes. According to Porter, Angle and Allen (2003), leaders with strong self-awareness which can help them gain a deep understanding of their emotions, strengths, weakness, needs and drives will perform neither over critically nor unrealistic hopefully. Thus possessing a clear perception of leaders' own personalities can allow them to create their values and goals properly which determine whether the people in the team are heading in the right direction. However, learning about leaders themselves is not enough. It is added by Goff (2011) who states that people with high level of self-awareness tend to have a better understanding of the conditions they need to operate in the organisation. It means that the self-awareness can also be helpful for being aware about how other people perceive the attitudes and responses from leaders, therefore leaders can recognise new opportunities from team members' interpretation to maximize employees' performance in the teamwork.



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