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Leadership Style

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Leadership style:

Based on past experience both at work and school, I think the leadership style that best fits me is participative leadership. I believe that people in an organization everyone should be involved in decision making. It's important to get everyone's opinion about issues at hand in the organization before making certain decisions. I believe that managers who use this style get more insight and information from the other parties and can make better decision based on the strategies and opinions presented. This allows all employees to be part of the team since you don't always leave the entire decision making to the top management alone.

PMI Code of Ethics really emphasis on responsibility, I agree with this value because as a leader, one should be responsible enough at work such that they require minimal or no supervision when working. My goal as leader and a project manager is not to just think about power but instead I want to be more responsible to the team I work with and lead. This should be every leader's goal to be responsible, as a responsible leader it's more likely to translate and can be seen in the outcome.

As a leader I emphasize on being respectful to myself, employees and the organization as whole. I strongly believe that leadership and respect go hand in hand and you cannot have one or the other. When a leader is respectful they can easily get others to follow them which is key because when you get others in your team or in the organization to willingly follow you is better and more effective for the organization. People want to be part of something special. If people admire you, they will think that you have something special to offer and will be much more willing to lend a hand and participate. Once you get a following, you can then use people to achieve the goals of the organization. Great leaders will inspire respect in others and be a great example.

To be fair as a leader is very important and is a trait that should be characterized by all leaders in any team. This for me means that I will treat my team mates with honesty, do what am supposed o do when am supposed to do it. Being responsible for my actions and completing any tasks that I say I will complete. It also means giving a listening ear to other team mates and not to have favoritism and lean towards one group but treat ever person the same. This is important in businesses and organization its mostly evident in times of promotion, as a leader you should always stand for the truth, this means that if you have policy and procedures that you have to follow should apply to everyone without favoring a specific group because of personal reasons.

I believe being honest is the single most important principle in any organization. Being honest with my team members will be absolutely important when working together in order for this project to be a success. Maintaining honesty



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