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Evaluating Leadership Styles with Project Type

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Essay Preview: Evaluating Leadership Styles with Project Type

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Muller R. and Turner, J.R (2007) claimed two things in their article

1. project manager's leadership style influences project success;

2. different leadership styles are appropriate for different types of project.

So much of an organisation's success is tied to project success, the significant of these claims on manager of project managers is as important as the success of their organisation. Selecting a project manager for a project is putting the fate of its organisation and its customer in someone else's hand. Failures are not accepted.

One of the main causes of project failure as always has been link to the appointment of project managers. Lisa A (2011). The Article, through interviews and web-based questionnaire showed significantly, that emotional competency at situation during a project contributes greatly to the project success. Intellectual competency on the other hand, scored low with emphasis on vision and imagination as leadership traits that project manager do not need to posses. These emotional competencies like motivation, sensitivity and conscientiousness are a manner and approach to leadership styles. Other leadership style are directing, coaching, supporting etc

Different leadership styles in project managers will influence their selection criteria for core and contract team members. Wysocki R (2009 p197) gave an example of a dream project he work on, where he got 100% assignment for everyone he requested for on the project. He stated that the project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget. Leadership styles will also influence project operating rules governing decision marking, conflict resolution, team meeting, etc. Also, in our text book were explain the process for managing scope change and handling communication, Wysocki R (2009, p229). Leadership skills may defer from one project manager to another in dealing with these processes. The authors also deduce from interviews that project types listed in the article where instrumental in selecting project manager

An Example from one of the interviewee -in the article -from the telecomm industry, stated that leadership skill were significant in choosing project manager for organisational change project, even when information system manager were competent and more task focus at them, Muller and Turner (2007).

One leadership traits the authors states as not needed by the project manager and can possibly be detrimental to the success of a project is 'vision'. From the finding from the web-based questionnaire, it would seem that project manager's lack vision. The authors concluded that 'it is the responsibility of member of the project governing role, like the sponsor and client to correlate the project vision to the organisational strategy. The project manager should focus on the project



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