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When you walk trough the doors with your smile and your silly manners i didn't know what to expect! You came into my life many years ago! But back then it was nothing special. you were just another friendly face among the crowd of many a friendliness.

Then you started to reel me in, slowly! I didn't realize it up until you broke all your promises!

It was Friday night at the movies, Saturdays watching you on the field. But still we were too young to know!

Then i realized that i had to move away! Away from your smile, godliness perfection and away from your friendship! I was hoping for something else. Something you were not realizing. That you'll see me in the crowd and run to me!

I hope there will be no regrets because you were once a fairy tale but now your just another frog waiting for your princess .

Learning that was the hardest part.

Now i grew stronger and mended the broken strings!

I wonder what i'll do if you run back and ask for my advice. One thing is for sure you don't get to get me back.

I have learn a lot from you, you helped me in so many ways and it is sad that we have to let go. Not only have i lost someone i love, i lost a great friend.

Friendships are hard to find and lucky to have.

When i try to focus on all your bad qualities i'll have a better shot of not caring. It is just crazy when your in love you don't see the other one's imperfections .




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