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Learning Process

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Action items that would be applied to my grades would include: keep going to class, participate in discussions, doing homework, keep up with homework, and following instructions. By going to class when I'm supposed, I receive points and not miss out on any activities that the class does for more participation points. Participating in class will let the instructor know that, I have been paying attention in class; and let them know what I have been learning. Homework is also a big factor in grades. Home work counts as most of your overall grade. Last but not least; following instructions will help you go a long ways. By doing so, you will do the work that was assigned to you correctly without any problems or mishaps.

The grade tracker is a excellent tool to use for keeping up with your grades because, it lets me know how well I'm doing in that class and what I need to work on. The grade tracker should not need any improvements because it's simple to use and self explanatory. Students who use this tracker can follow their progress in class and lets the teacher know also.

How does learning and grading work together? Well, they work together because good grades mean; you're learning and applying what you learn in class. And if you retain information in class then you will do well on homework and discussions. The purpose of grades is to give the instructor and student a tool to measure knowledge and retention. Grades also help students identify how well they understand, and can apply the material presented in class, and in textbooks. I believe grading is an accurate assessment because the student has to apply themselves, and use knowledge of what they learned on test and quizzes. The grade would reflect on the amount of studying and retention a person did.

Grading is the observable evaluation of what the student has mastered of the learning objectives. It is not a comprehensive evaluation of the students themselves. A student who got 99% is not more intelligent, gentle, cooperative, helpful, hardworking, or motivated than the one who got 89%. In other words, a grade stands for specific criteria which are concerned only with the achievement of the learning object. A grade is a conclusion of the learning process.



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