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Legal Considerations, Policies and Agreements Made by the Oda Committee for Olympics Games

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Essay Preview: Legal Considerations, Policies and Agreements Made by the Oda Committee for Olympics Games

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Business has many aspects in which it is required to have a valid contract with the concerns. The various conditions like mergers, acquisition or sometimes to get aid from the other parties to fulfill the objectives of one of the parties or both so this causes to mergers and for the effective or it may be for the security purpose contracts are made between interested parties. There are many types of contract like written and oral generally written contracts are made between parties for safety of both parties. Here we will see Olympics delivery authority and the concerns with the authority that will help us to know about the contracts, and legacy related to the organization. The report is about the legal considerations, policies and agreements made by the ODA committee for Olympics games.

Company review

Olympic delivery authority is a public authority and the function of the ODA is to deal with the venues and development of the Olympics games going t be held in 2012 London. It looks after the transportation, development, employment for the London Olympics and other issues lije legal aspects, health and security issues for the for the upcoming Olympics in the city.

The legal considerations involve the development, infrastructure which includes construction of the venue, building stadium and Olympic village for the games.

The Royal assent act 2006 was has been given to the Olympics development authority which has given the committee to act legally and have rights like

* Dealings with the land issue like selling , buying for Olympics

* Overall work for the infrastructure and development of the venue of Olympics

* Transportation for the Olympics and managing the traffic

For the above tasks to be fulfilled ODA will require construction companies and other firms for the event which will guide us of various agreements and Acts in the business.


A contract can be interpreted as an agreement between two parties under legal consideration the contract involves consent of both the parties undersigning the agreement. The agreement is made under such obligation which is based on the government legacy, it enforces that when any of the party breaks the contract illegally then the suffering party can take legal actions for the deeds.

A simple contract can be understood as a legal agreement orally or written between more than one parties for a mutual benefit for both parties, contracts are made between the interested parties for the proper functioning of both the parties and simple contract are not recorded or it is not sealed, the simple contracts are also enforces that any breaches caused in the contract would be dealt with legal proceedings by court of law.

Similarly contract by deeds is an agreement made between the purchasers and the supplier of a real property. It is also called as a land contract. This is a type of contract in which the source will provide the customer with financial help in order to purchase the land with an agreement for the payment of the property and the payment is done by the customer in installments. This is the concept of contract by deeds.

The two types of contract that is express and implied contracts differ as in express contract the terms and the condition are expressed in written format or orally by the parties itself. Although the intention of the contract must be known and it should be revealed.

The express contract is supposed to depict clearly the offer, acceptance and all the legal consideration enforced by law. Whereas the implied contract is believed to be established under certain circumstances for example the promise to pay for the



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