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Lens Crafters

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Lens Crafters'

Lens Crafters' is a company that is constantly looking to keep remains at the top. They have a highly selective area of which they place their locations, and are constantly renovating the locations already owned, for the sake of keeping every location up to date. They also try to achieve a high level of customer service, with a very well thought out design of every location, modern equipment, and good service from the employees. All of these factors add up to make for a fantastic location where people go to get glasses but are in an environment in which they feel completely comfortable, and welcome (Strayer University, 4th 13).

Operation Management

There are a myriad of ways that operation management activities affect customer service, for example, the most prominent way would be if the location is extremely busy, how a employee handles the situation can affect customer service greatly. Not only that, but also if the employee does not have enough knowledge about the product they will not be very helpful for when the customer is asking them questions about the product. With a glasses store, it is hard to keep track of everything in stock, and to have proficient knowledge about each brand, however it would be very beneficial for all employees to be trained in multiple jobs, so this way if there is a situation, and any employee can fill in. Lastly, having a strong competitive advantage will be very hard. A company must be innovative to stay ahead of the competitor, but also still appeal to customers, and maintain previous customers (Strayer University, 4th 13).

Value Chain

Lens Crafters' is a very innovative chain company, which has many appealing qualities to it. They sell a high quality product, and at a desirable price as well. But not only that they have high end technicians and optometrists and all locations that know exactly what they are doing, and how to treat almost any problem a person may occur in their eye. As well as, an expedient wait time for the glasses, only an hour compared to the wait time of like a week or more. If all of that wasn't enough, they have great programs, and services that allow for better customer service and a much happier customer (Strayer University, 4th 13).

The Employees play a crucial role in the Lens Crafters' service-delivery, so do customer results. These are the two most powerful performance measurements in the company, without the success of either measurements, they whole location, and potentially the whole company at some point or other. Without the employees there would be no product to sell, furthermore if the customer is not happy, they will not make recommendations to future customers. So with these two measurements, the company really has no chance at growth or being successful. But Lens Crafters' has the



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