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Lessons of Life

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Lessons of Life

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Lessons of Life

Human life is composed of series of events to provide the learning lessons necessary to overcome fears and enable talents in each individual. Positive emotions empower the person to nurture his talent to enhance the beauty of life. Negative emotions such as fear happen in relationship with external stimuli in which dangerous situation or sometimes internally embedded memory of negative events brings anxious moment. As fear is emotive trip in downward spiral, it drains enough energy from physiological system to leave everyone in debilitated state. The purpose of this document is to understand the different aspects of life and grow.

Acknowledgement is the first step in finding messages involved in events of life. Deep acceptance of situation assists in arriving at right assessment of circumstances. If resistance is high, it takes time to realize. Modern technology and ancient wisdom provides methods to find solution in easy ways as these options were never present in human civilizations of previous era. Internet is one of the powerful medium to open the source of knowledge for digging deep into human psyche.

Lessons in Death Experience

Negative events generate feeling of insecurity among humans that brings modicum taste of death. Deeper dive into reality of phenomenon called death opens the door for next odyssey in higher realm. Tibetan process "BARDO" described in "The Book of dead" explains step-by-step phenomenon of body dissolution into elemental form like earth, water, fire, air and space (Osho, 1998). This also elaborates journey into astral dimension in ethereal form to encounter the illusive nature of mind and different powerful form of light of spiritual and human dimensions in accordance with events unfold each day after death (Osho, 1998). As understanding deepens through meditative process, it releases human psyche from many unwanted attachment and clinging. The liberated energy allows living a life in more fulfilling way. This also brings realization of immortal nature of being and freedom from fear of death.

Lessons in Sex Experience

Sex is one of the most vital processes in survival of living species. Still there is so much stigma and negativity attached to it that never allows realizing the potential of sexual power. Human psyche carries load of unchecked prejudices that does not allow delving deeply into understanding and exploring the gift God has bestowed upon. Tantric philosophy and teachings of Kamasutra process of activating suppressed erotic energy present in human body (Osho, 1998). Experimentation



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