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Let's Learn to Change the World!

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Essay Preview: Let's Learn to Change the World!

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Let's learn to change the world!

Knowing your topic!

1) The first thing is in a lot of ways the easiest and the most difficult thing in this project:

Think of a law or a constitutional amendment you would like to see made or changed.

Because we have studied federalism you know there are lots of levels of laws. You have federal law (legalizing abortion, making drugs illegal, the voting age, how Presidents are elected, etc), we have state laws (the drinking age, punishment for marijuana, price for a college education, etc), local laws (speed limits on roads, what business are allowed, how local taxes are raised and spent, etc.), and school laws (uniform policy, class schedule, length of school day, etc.). Whatever law you pick the work is the same, what is not the same is the process. Think of an issue that matters to you, something you are willing to get passionate about or something that interests you. You are going to be dealing with this issue in a lot of different ways over the next six weeks, so picking wisely is important. (If you cannot think of some issue to do see me)

2) Ok now that you have figured out your topic, you need to write a one sentence clear statement of how you would like to change the law. This sentence must be approved by me before you can begin the rest of the steps you will take

3) OK you picked a law to change now it is time to research the topic. In at least 2 pages typed (12pt font in Times New Roman single spaced) find out about the history of this issue, what is it, and what has it been in American, state, local, or school history? What is the current view in law? Why is it illegal or legal? Find out everything you can about this issue. Make sure that you title the two pages RESEARCH and that you include all the references as to where you found your research/information. Remember you are to summarize and tell me where you got the information you are summarizing. If you take whole sentences/paragraphs you must quote them and tell me where you found this information

4) Now that you know about the topic you need to figure out how to change the law. How would the law be changed? Who would make this decision? Who is this? What path would it have to follow? How many votes? Who would get to vote? Who are these people? How would it start? How would it end? Will it cost money to the government for your legal change? If so, where are you going to get the money?

You must create a flow chart of how this would happen?

Make sure you clearly understand the complete process that your legal change would require. See me if you need help with this part of the project.

5) Ok now that you are armed with information and a plan, what are the arguments you would make that the law should be changed? Come up with 1-2 page paper with 3-5 well supported and defended arguments as to why the law should be changed. Defend these not just with your arguments but with history, with legal and social arguments, with polls, stats, quotes, and information that would support your argument. If you can't find arguments or support them then you have not done enough research, go back to step 3. (Reminder, your writing must be in 12pt font in Times New Roman single spaced) The arguments for your side should be titled: Arguments For

6) Part of making an argument is to deal with what those on the other side and how they are going to attack you. Come up with a 1-2 page paper with 3-5 arguments that people will make against your side. Once you know the major arguments that they will make against your change, how do you answer these arguments? How do you defend yourself from the attacks of the other side? As when you write arguments for your side you need to find information, quotes, stats, etc to support your attack. (Reminder, it must be in 12pt font in Times New Roman single spaced) The arguments against your side should be titled: Arguments Against

Advocating for your change!

All right, now you know your facts, your arguments, and you are armed to meet any resistance, it is now time for you to advocate!

You must do 8 of the following 13:

No matter which of these things you choose to do, you must react to each in at least a paragraph. This reaction is to answer some/all of the following questions: what did you think of the activity? What made it difficult? What did you learn? What did you like about it? How did people respond to you? Was it effective?

1) Write a letter to at least 5 different newspapaers/publications/blogs/websites/etc. (it can be the same letter to each) explain who you are and why you want to change the law, use your research and arguments to compose the letter, however this document is not a just a restatement of your research or arguments. It is a letter advocating for a point of view. When you send these please cc yourself so you will have a copy of having sent it. You need to include all five letters. If any of these organizations respond please include this also.

2) Create a website advocating for your legal change. This can be a blog, a face book group, a website, etc. (you will need to put the address of your website with the portfolio you will be turning in at the end of your project) In your website explain who you are and why you are advocating for the changes you want to see (avoid sending any private information about yourself)

3) Create a video/audio/song advertisement advocating for your law change, place on the web (this could also be put on the website you have created, if it isn't placed



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