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Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

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Essay Preview: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

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Randell Kenan wrote a book, Let the Dead bury Their Dead. This book is filled with a myriad of short stories. These short stories reveals the life of many African Americans in North Carolina who have experienced many different things in life. Kenan was able to write a short story with a very intense feel which is titled, Cornsilk. This short story has a very intense sexual feel but it contains all the seven deadly sins. Once Aaron was introduce to a few of deadly sins they became his obsession. He experienced some sins more than others.

The first deadly sin is Greed; wanting too much of something. In this short story Aaron expresses greed in a way that can be different than most things that people want. Aaron expresses his want when he states; "I sit here sniffing my fingers like some nasty boy, which I am, and all I can smell is the faint residue of soy sauce and MSG; not blood; not iron. What I would give to smell it again. To taste it. Hers. Her blood" (88). Aaron just wants something that he can't have but once he does he get it he wants to much of it.

Lust; the need to fulfill unspiritual desires. The one that was expressed more than others. Aaron states; "Some days I can't wait to get home, can't wait for the sun to go down, to fling off my clothes, get in bed, pick up the phone and dial 1-900-555-GIRL or 1-900-555-PSSY or 1-900-555-SEXX. It doesn't matter, now does it? Sometimes I try party lines. Regardless, I am unsatisfied" (90). He has a need to fulfill all his sexual desires but they don't work. He takes Lust to a new level with different ways that he tries to get it but he tries it for a long period of time and when he becomes unhappy he tries again and again with new tactics. Many people would call this being a sex addict but he thought it was just as normal as anything. For instance: "I've tried escort services. Pathetic. These women, I mean. Sad. I like to think of myself as a feminist, or at least one who does more than pay lip service. But don't all men harbor secret romantic visions about prostitutes, about carefree, totally free, uninhibited human toys? I must be honest here" (95). He saw nothing wrong with it but it still wasn't satisfying to him.

Gluttony; taking too much of something in. Aaron stated; "Two years. Freshmen and sophomore years. Truly wicked. You see, nobody knew. Nobody knew she was my sister. She'd come for a weekend. A week, twice or thrice, staying in my room" (110). Gluttony in this essence would connect to Lust because of his need for sex. Once he experiences sex with Jamonica for the first time he just wants too much of it. Both of his first years of college he experience incest way too much.

Envy; Jealousy or wanting to have what someone else has. Aaron states; "All the guys thought me such a stud. I guess I was. More than even I knew. This older woman at my service, slipped past the RA, gasping in my room; my roommate, if not in bed with his own joy-toy, envious beyond expression" (111). The guys at his school think the girl is just his girlfriend and is beautiful and they want someone like her. They want to have his experience when he gets all his attention from this girl they know nothing about. Envy makes a connection with Pride;



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