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So Deadly It Is Twisted

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How would you define horror? Some say that horror is fear and fear is all in one's head. Is that it, because no one wants to gamble their life away on being fearful? Horror is really defined as fear that hides in ones deep part of their soul. There are different twisted elements of horror that only one author contains in his writing.

We allow horror to get in the way of how we think, feel, and behave. There is numerous information like books, movies, and etc... on horror which one can study. Horror also gives a since of disturbed astonishment to the reader. It also defines reality in a way which and how one loses a love one. It too disrupts the balance of nature when one allows their own fear to destroy their very own belief.

One creative, but disturbed author who takes in the reality of twisted horror into heart is "Edgar Allan Poe". Poe likes to use horror in a twisted way. His literature creates a bad aroma for all who dares to deny his tales of terror. His "Tales of Mystery and Terror" leaves your mind wondering, while being surround by endless dark holes. Since Poe is a twisted horror author, he will distort your mind into a waste land in which there is no escape.

On Jan.19, 1809 Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston; died on Oct. 7, 1849 (Regan par1). When Poe was three years old, he was taken in by a couple named John and Frances Allan (Regan par 2). After studying 3 years in England, he spent 5 years in the suburban London Boarding School (Regan par 2). In 1829-1845, Poe published a serious books including Fairy Land, Israfel, To Helen, The Raven, and so on (Regan par 3). Enduring most of the literary criticism of his time Poe still created some of the most musical poetry (Regan par 1).

Lately, there have been reports of critics finding more literature than life in his early tales like Fairy Land (Regan par 4). During an article, "The Masque of the Red Death," Poe intended to bring out his talents in his artistic work and then intended to demonstrate Hawthorne's weaknesses (Regan par 4). The virtually inventor of detective stories was Edgar Poe who called them tales of ratiocination. He had a direct influence on American literature which was to prove negligible (Regan par 6).

Later, Poe's life was marked by economic hardship and ill health (Diehl 589). Poe was the son of traveling actors, in which his father deserted the family (Diehl 589). While living with his aunt and her daughter, he began to publish tales in the early 1830's (Diehl 589). In the late 1830's, Poe had made several of his finest tales in which includes Ligeia, The Fall of the House of Usher, and William Wilson (Diehl 589). When living at Richmond, VA he worked as an editor and contributor to magazines (Diehl 589).

While waiting for an appointment in the U.S. Military Academy he published a second volume of poems (Diehl 589). He made many enemies by challenging the moralistic



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