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Lindsay Lohan and Her Fall from Veteran Actress to Rehab Poster Girl

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Essay Preview: Lindsay Lohan and Her Fall from Veteran Actress to Rehab Poster Girl

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Lindsay Lohan and Her Fall From Veteran Actress to Rehab Poster Girl

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986, in New York City. Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, ran his family's pasta business and worked as an investment banker. Her mother, Dina Sullivan, was a Wall Street analyst. Lohan grew up in the wealthy Long Island suburbs of Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick. She grew up as a normal child, nothing unusual or out of place. Lindsay is the oldest of four children; she has two younger brothers (Michael, Dakota) and a sister Aliana. ("Lindsay Lohan"). A child actress, Lindsay was well on her way to becoming a major player on the Hollywood scene. However, the trials and tribulations of her personal life started to affect her professional life. She began using cocaine and drinking alcohol constantly; as a result she lost her way as the actress and person she was so widely known. Over the course of time, she went from starring actress to rehab veteran (Marx).

Lindsay's passion for acting started at a very young age, and some may say that it even ran in her blood. Her father was a child star in a soap opera back in the day and her mother did a few Broadway shows here and there but it never led to fame. Lindsay started off as the first red head model for Ford Modeling Company. Shortly thereafter, her father went to prison for 5 years for investment fraud. Even though there was a lot of family problems going on, Lindsay never let that slow her down ("Lindsay Lohan").

At the age of seven, Lindsay had already had sixty commercials under her belt. Even though she was doing a lot of things acting wise, she still wanted to be a normal girl. At the age of eleven, she auditioned for the movie Parent Trap. During filming she was out of school for eight months straight. When she got back to school, her reason was that she was on a long vacation. After the huge success of the Parent Trap, she took off a few years to focus on school and being a normal teen. In that time period she was still doing things here and there for Disney. She signed a three-year deal with Disney to do movies for their TV channel. She starred in the Disney movies Life Size and Get a Clue ("Lindsay Lohan").

After a while people at her school noticed that she was continuing to act and she became somewhat of an outsider because of jealously. At the age of 15, she decided to get home schooled and started to realize that other young actresses were making big moves in the industry and she did not want to get left behind. Around that time she auditioned for the famous remake of Freaky Friday. Freaky Friday was more than a hit and pulled in over 100 million dollars; and, because Lindsay made it what it was, Disney gave her a million dollar bonus. Lindsay was excited but never let it go to her head, she continued on her track to become a triple threat ("Lindsay Lohan").

Lindsay Lohan had become a veteran star at the age of 16. She later filmed Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen that was the start of her triple threat status of being an actress, a singer, and a dancer. Even though the movie didn't do so well in the box office, it worked out to Lindsay's advantage. In the wake of Drama Queen, she landed the role in Mean Girls. Mean Girls was the film that put Lindsay back on the map for her talent and started to get her noticed as becoming more as a woman then a child star ("Lindsay Lohan").

By the age of seventeen, Lindsay decided to move from her home in Long Island to Los Angeles to take her career to the next level. Lindsay had to go by herself because her mother was raising her other children and couldn't go with her. After a while Lindsay started going to clubs even though she was underage and started drinking. This was the start of her downfall. Lindsay started partying for hours on end, staying out later and later at night ("Lindsay Lohan").

Lindsay later pulled the star role in the motion picture Herbie: Fully Loaded. During filming people started to notice that Lindsay was becoming unprofessional; showing up to work late, not wanting to put in full effort, etc. The producer of the movie wrote her a letter that later hit the media; calling her a spoiled brat and saying that her partying was beginning to affect her work. Even though the set of Herbie wasn't great, the movie still came out as a box office hit ("Lindsay Lohan").

Lindsay's life started being the talk of gossip sites and tabloids everywhere. Her family problems were in the media. There were tabloids of her getting breast implants, saying that she had an eating disorder because she was thin on a photo shoot she did, saying that she and her partying were out of control, etc. She blankly stated that "she had been dealing with a lot of stress and been booking things back to back and cutting herself too thin, and that in the mist of everything she had going on she wasn't completely taking care of herself the way she should have been" ("Lindsay Lohan").

Because of all her partying and antics Lindsay started being seen as more of a sex icon than the talented actress she was known as, but the fact that she was so talented set her apart from all the other socialites at the time. Many of her co-workers such as Tina Fey tried talking Lindsay into changing her ways because she had talent that didn't need to be wasted on crazy antics. Lindsay didn't respond in the manner that she should have. Later on down the line on Lindsay's second album she had a song called Confessions of a Broken Heart: Daughter to Father. The song and video basically just was a sight into the troubles Lindsay had down deep involving her father. It was an outlet for Lindsay to vent her personal problems to the world ("Lindsay Lohan").

In early 2006, she did the film A Prairie Home Companion. This was her chance to finally redeem herself and her career. Somewhere throughout all Lindsay's fame and success she somehow lost her way. With the fact that her entire life was in the public eye and the fact that everyone had a comment about how she was living her life, along with all her family problems being in the media as well, it started to really take its toll on Lindsay ("Lindsay Lohan").

Lindsay started having multiple fender benders; getting into car crashes, high-speed chase, DUI's, getting charged with possession of cocaine. Lindsay has been in and out of numerous rehab facilities and doesn't seem to be getting any better ("Lindsay Lohan"). Lindsay's ongoing addiction to alcohol and drugs is causing her life to spiral out of control. Addiction is a "terrible and vicious disease" and the only way for Lindsay to get to sobriety is following the guidelines and rules that



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