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Diary of a Young Girl - My Best Friend Kitty

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Essay Preview: Diary of a Young Girl - My Best Friend Kitty

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My Best Friend Kitty

A teenager's point of view is usually not well accepted in society because people think that they do not know enough about life to understand their feelings and thoughts. Therefore, life seems to be unfair and unpleasant to them. Consequently, teenagers become people who are isolated from the world they live in, especially, when they don't have support from their own family. In the story "From the Diary of a Young Girl", Anne Frank is a thirteen year old Jewish teenager who was living in hiding in Amsterdam during World War II. The most poignant issues that move the reader in Anne Frank's recollections are why she decided to keep a diary, her feelings of loneliness and isolation, and the impact of her parents favoring treatment of her sister over Anne.

Anne Frank decided to keep a diary because she was feeling alone in a world where she did not have friends or the support of her family. Anne and her family were escaping from the Nazis in Amsterdam, and she was living a miserable life. In Anne's time teenagers, their feelings and emotions were even less respected than they are even today. People and parents often forget that teenagers are almost grown-ups, and that they are no longer children. This in-between stage of life is difficult even under good conditions. People wouldn't believe that a teenager like Anne had good ideas in her mind, and they should be listening to her. The fact that Anne had a diary, which she called "Kitty", was because of her wish to have a girl friend to count on and confide in. Anne mentioned that "paper is more patient than man" (116). She found in "Kitty" patience, and her real friend. Everybody needs a friend to talk to, to share ideas of a different world which they are experiencing together. Anne was putting her ideas onto papers. She thought no one besides her would ever read her diary, as nobody seems to care about her existence.

Anne's feelings of loneliness are described by her in starting a diary: "it is that I have no such real friend" (116). We all had or will have the experience of a body changing once we hit the teenager time. It's a really confusing moment of our lives where our thoughts and feeling are all mixed up inside of us, and sometimes it's hard to have totally control of them. Anne had grown up faster than other teenager in a way that she felt disconnected from her real world. She was living a miserable situation which she was escaping from the Nazis while living in an attic. Jews at that time were forbidden to visit theaters, cinemas, and other places of entertainment. Anne's freedom was strictly limited. Consequently, her feelings of loneliness and depression came all at once in her life.

Besides the fact that Anne Frank did not have a friend to talk to, there was one more issue that Anne was experiencing: her parent's



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