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Line Fashion

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JcPenny will focus more on certain clothing line fashion such as Kimora Lee Simons, Nicole Miller and two other new lines. The reason to just focus on these certain clothing lines is to sell high end fashion lines at affordable prices, because in the past month sales have fell 16.4%. Instead of selling the $200 clothing, JcPenny will sell the same kind of clothing and line at lower prices such as $80. With the new look in clothing JcPenny will also advertise in new magazines and show runway shows of there clothing on their online website. The focus of this article is to show the new look JcPenny will have and how they will compete against there competitors.

In China business regulations are different then United States regulations. For example a business issue is that will occur deals with the currency. In China the currency is Yuan Renminbi and in the United States the currency is Dollar. PeriRaden founder will have to establish a regulation in his business plan that is going to give equal translations of currency on the balance sheets. If not done correctly, the translation can affect numerous ratios for example return-on-investment, as well as International income taxation. The most important business regulation that PeriRaden founder and CEO will have to deal with is the legal system in China. The legal system of a country determines if the accounting regulations are government or nongovernmental. In all, a United States based company cannot be ran exactly the same in another foreign country, in this case China. By running a Multinational Company exactly the same or similar in each country can also insult the employee workers of the foreign country. In this case Chinese employees may not like the way American companies are structured or managed.



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