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Fashion Trends

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The vast differences of viewpoint, fashion trends, shoes and hairstyles among women has been significant during these past 60 years. I am going to explain some noteworthy changes that have occurred through the decades that have changed our culture, and which have even made history.

Take for instance, one of the first things that has gone astray, is the fact that women on a daily basis during the 40's wore dresses everyday, for every occasion; even when doing mind-numbing housework and grimy laundry. Compared today's working woman, one may find that a woman simply is doing housework and laundry dressed in an oversized

t-shirt and perhaps stained sweatpants.

The dresses did not completely disappear in the 50's, however there was a more sought-after, eye-pleasing appearance waiting to be let loose. The modern dress became very mundane until it was revamped and appealing to new generations of each decade. During the 1950's it was reintroduced but having new enhanced designs. Some examples of the fresh design was a rolled collar, fashioned with a belt at the waist and little buttons in each the cuffs. Sleeves could be turned and rolled up to the mid-arm; the petticoat was dropped and forgotten about. This more flirty fashion set a new trend among the young girls who loved Rock-n-Rolling Friday nights. Women soon took this new trend a step further and the rest is history. The rockabilly dress soon became a tight fitting halter styled blouse with polka dots, it also had a sexily gathered bust and was tied behind the neck in a halter manner giving this trend a whole new and a flirty look. The shirt was than paired with a flared skirt and fun Mary Jane rockabilly shoes; a peep-toe small heeled pump shoe.

With each decade, women gathered what they most wanted in the previous fashion style and continued to introduce new trendy characteristics. The flared skirt was adorned with a poodle image and those Mary Jane pumps where replaced with the oxfords saddle; black and white shoes worn with ankle high bobby-socks instead of nylons.

Into the 60's they rolled. The 1960's featured a number of an assortment of trends from the culottes, which are ankle length pants or more commonly known today, as the Capri pants. They were easily worn, had more desirability and comfortable. Soon within this same decade, the dress came back into style, but with new spice added to it. It was made with a plasticy or vinyl material and wore just at the knee and worn with knee high go-go boots. Hair styles by this time had changed almost as much as the clothing had style had. It went from the short well maintained style to being worn of varying lengths as well as style.

Without accessorizing much, but adding color, shades and tones became the newest trends. Towards the end of the 60's clothing style had flowered with psychedelic prints, bright bold colors, and mismatched patterns. It was the way of life in the 60's. I believe this time era has been the most controversy of clothing fashion of all decades. From mid length poodle skirts with saddle shoes, to high contrasting colors, to the short mini skirts and knee high go-go boots and even including the bell-bottom jeans. That generation made a statement! All these trends exerted strong influence on women's clothing styles. As did the clothing fashion change rapidly, so did the hair do's. One went from the bee-hive in the early part of the decade to the very short styles; followed by very long straight and simple design that later followed from the hippie culture. There was indeed extremes, in fashion and hair styles during the 60's.




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