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Linkedin Case Analysis

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        Linkedin is a connecting online platform for professional which can link each other together. It is like a social media for your professional side. You can create your profile fill all working information and background education. Showing your current career and special skill which can endorse by people in your connection line.

        People need a satisfying job which matched with their skill and preferable. In the future, some job may replace with a robot as people is seeking the new technology and live comfortably. So the future trend of career would be engaged to the worker as the vacant job is not a routine job anymore. A gap between employer and organization is filled with Linkedin. It is benefits to an individual and organization to grow together.

        Linkedin face challenge with an open information which would affect to inequality problem. You able to be judged by the organization. It can be in a good way and a bad way. It also needs to develop a system which can tell personality type of the member. Education can not define how the employee value can get along with company value. People may leave a company to depend on how much they get along with other colleagues

Case Question

- The challenge of open information is to be judged. Other people can see all your detail and it can be compared with another person. So it occurs inequality problem. In the United state, when you apply for a job there is no need to attach your and age to reduce the inequality problem. According to Linkedin which require a photo and all information. So it is hard to solve this problem directly. They may create another channel for some people who less education.

- About the define “soft skill” Linkedin should be done a research for personality test. Create a Linkedin personality test letting each member take a test online and show the result besides the profile. A personality test can tell how they gather an information, how they prefer to live in life, how they make the decision based on feeling or reason.

- Microsoft has been known as an innovation company. And Linkedin owns a big data which is profitable in the future. It would be great if they can make both of organization and individual linked automatically. According to myself, I have an account in Linkedin but I did not update it much as it is not the application which I use frequency. I may lack of updating my information and may miss an opportunity from other company.

- I think Linkedin can be expanded their business to another market as education field. Nowadays, study aboard is getting easier than before. Local University able to be accepted student outside their country. What if LinkedIn creates a platform which student in each University can create an account to review an atmosphere in the University. It still can also be linked to Linkedin for someone who graduated and get a job. It can show how the success of students in that University. Suitable University is the first step of your future success.



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