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Lion Witch and the Wardrobe

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Student name : Proudpitcha Netcharoen <Proud> M.5/2

Title : The Lion ,the witch and the wardrobe

Author : C.S. Lewis

Publisher : HarperTrophy

ISBN : 0-06-623850-1

The Lion,the witch and the wardrobe is the fantasy book.It written by C.S. Lewis.It is the 2nd book of the Nania series.And it is the best known book of the series.Children and Adult can benefit from reading this book.It is very interesting book and have a lot of idea that good for children.

The main characters of this book are Peter,Susan,Edmund,Lucy,Aslan and the white witch.The story is about when the children are playing hide and seek.Lucy try to find somewhere to hide and she found the wardrobe.So she just get in there and then she found the Land of Narnia.This is the beginning of everything in this book.

The adventures in and out of the wardrobe that these four experience during the course of the novel are so magical.The story begins in 1940 during World War II, when four children Peter,Susan,Edmund, and Lucy are move out from London. They are sent to live with Professor Digory Kirke, who lives in a country house in the English countryside.While the children playing hide and seek Lucy get into the wardrobe and she found the land of Nania.She met Mr.Tumnus and he invites her to go to his house.When Lucy get back from Nania she tell her brothers and sister about Nania but no one believe her.And on that night Edmund enters the wardrobe and meets the White Witch, who befriends him and offers him magical Turkish delight which enchants him.She encourages him to bring his brother and sisters to her in Narnia, with the promise that he shall rule over them. Edmund returns with Lucy to the Professor's house, having met her in Narnia. But after returning he lies to Peter and Susan: he denies Lucy's claim that Narnia lies behind the wardrobe.One day the children hide in the wardrobe to avoid the housekeeper and some houseguests. Suddenly all four Pevensie children find themselves in Narnia. Lucy leads them to Tumnus's home, but a note informs them that Tumnus has been arrested on charges of treason.The children join the beavers to find Aslan and to help Mr.Tumnus.But Edmund run away and go join the white witch because of just the turkish delight.

The heart and soul of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is the announcement of Aslan, the King of the land, a lion.The children's journey to Narnia, their quest to meet Aslan at the Stone Table, and their battle to save Narnia and their brother from the grasp of the evil and wicked



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