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Literature Case

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As you begin to plan the literature program, you will first need to familiarize yourself with the actual literature. The primary goal of a literature program is the creation of a positive attitude toward literature. A crucial outcome of children's early experiences with books and other kinds of print is that they learn that books and other print materials communicate meaning. Learning to understand what others say and do is involved in nearly every activity, not only literacy activities. In order to create a literature program for preschool aged students an understanding of what stage of development they are in during the preschool years is helpful. For example a 3 year old is very self-centered, however two years later they have learned how to share and are not so self centered. Children at this stage have a short attention span and may lose focus if the books are longer than 15 minutes. Most children's literature books for preschoolers can be read in 5 to 10 minutes. Defining your criteria is explaining why you chose the books you did. Once the instructor has chosen what particular lesson goals they are after, choosing books geared towards these goals becomes a lot easier.

This also helps when answering developmental goals. Language may start off with the question, What language goals do my students need to learn in order to be successful; students develop their language so they can eventually learn how to speak full sentences, help students develop words so that they ask for items they need instead of pointing.

Intellectual goals can include learning how to find answers or problem solve, to learn the alphabet, to learn how to write their name.

Personality goals could include developing a sense of self, understanding the differences between themselves and others.

Social and moral goals could include learning to respect others property, to accept failure, to share, follow rules.

Aesthetic and creative goals could include learning how to color within the lines, using the scissors correctly, gluing and pasting.



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