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Local Problem

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Local Problem

Tamika Dawson

Jones International University

October 1, 2011

I chose to interview a friend of my community I have known for 10 years by the name of Sharm. Sharm has lived in our community for forty years. She has seen the different changes in the older generation verses the new generation of kids. Sharm is a person who loves to help and teach misguided kids. I have seen her help those with no place to go, she has help the hungry, and she has listen and talked to the confused. Sharm has showed me positive way of reaching the kids that have lost their way.

I sat one Saturday afternoon with Sharm to discuss the different between the new generations of kids compared to the older generation of kids. The first thing we talked about was the respect level of kids today. We both agreed the level of respect has falling tremendously. Sharm stated, "Kids of today feel to get respect you must give it first." There was a time when respect was a given, but now it's a challenge in itself to expect to get respect. She feels there are ways to earn the respect of the new generation by getting kind of on there level. You have to make the kids feel that they can talk with you without being judged. This will allow the kids to feel more freely to open up more to talk with you. I asked her if she agrees or disagree that society plays a major role on how our kids act. She feels society plays a major role with the kids today. Society dictates their fashion, language, attitudes, and sometimes molds them into the person they will become. Too many people live their adult life based on what is hot. And we wonder why I kids are lost to the world. She feel if we spent more time caring about ourselves and family; and not what the next person is doing or wearing. We would be able to teach the kids how to be comfortable in their on skin. We live in a world where everybody wants to be accepted. The sad truth is some people won't accept you. But that doesn't mean you need to jump on the ban wagon do what everyone else is doing. I share her feelings of wishing the kids in our community would stop sagging and have more pride about their selves. We adults have to do more to teach these kids and stop letting them do what they want. I used to be if you did wrong away from home you got dealt with then and when you got home. Times have changed now. I feel some of the older ways should have stuck with us from generation to generation, but with society dictation so much now. Some of the older ways tend to be a problem these days their. sham feel there should be more youth program to help teach our kids how to become respectful adults. With so much technology at their finger tips they need some good positive role models. The roles models we have for the kids



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