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Logan Edward

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Logan Edward

History of the client

Basic Information

The client name is Logan Edward. His a 32 year old male. Logan is from New Your City, but was born in San Diego. Client states he is here for his son. He also stated a judge ordered it due to his ex-wife. The client appeared tired and jittery. The client was intelligent and cooperative. He was wearing jeans and a t- shirt. He has brown hair with a medium build. He came in wearing sun glasses. The client went to college, but dropped out in his junior year.

Family History

The client has been married twice, both ended in divorce. He's currently single, the last relationship ended a month ago. Client has one child who is currently residing with the mother. He is close to his younger brother and mother. The client's father is not around. His parents' divorced when he was 7. He states is father couldn't control his drinking. He denied any physical abuse from mother or father, however the client did state his father yelled a lot.


Client is currently unemployed. He was in the Army for 6 years. His job in the Army was a sniper. He has had 6 to 7 jobs after his honorable discharged. He lost his current job 3 months ago. For the past 2 years he has been working in construction on and off. Client states he is in financial hardship. He states he cannot pay his bills, and is worried he will lose his place to live.

Medical History

Client states he has high blood pressure. He has not been on medication for 3 months due to his loss of employment. His tonsils were removed at the age of 9. Client states he sleeping a few hours at a time. He states stress and worrying keeps him awake. Client eats once a day. He states his eating habits have change since he lost his job 3 months ago. Client has poor memory, and has a hard time concentrating. Client drinks a few beers a day. He also snorts cocaine every couple of weeks.

Logan's View of Self

The client states his strengths are that he takes orders well, he is a good carpenter, and a hard worker. He also stated he is a good dad. Client states his is weakness is relationships. He states he feels sad when he is alone. He enjoys drinking, hanging out with brother, and seeing his son. His other hobbies are watching TV and playing video games.


Logan Edward had is first sip of alcohol form his father at the age of 6. He started drinking in college. The client says his drinking went back to normal after the military. He came in for his son. He drinks a few beers a night, and sometimes whisky. He admits his tolerance is higher. He states it takes a 12 pack to get drunk. Due to his drinking he has had legal problems and relationship



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