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Logic or Emotion

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Essay Preview: Logic or Emotion

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Composing an Essay: Logic or Emotion

In my persuasion, my message has to focus on emotions. It has continues the balance between logic and feelings. Logic and emotion are like two elements or mix that make for perfect persuasion. I can be more persuasive by using logic or emotion, but the outcome effect will be little a bit and not equal.

Emotions do create in movement and action. They produce the energy during the presentation such as they do get chance to act on the design when it is presented. To challenge by depend on emotion to persuade and my expect is when anyone have left from persuasive situation. This goes to person's emotion fade, and left which is nothing concrete to fall back on. Logic lays the role for building a basic for emotion. This brings the balance and logic and emotion could be like engine for both persuasive opinions by influence. Clever persuades do know that each individual in the audience have different accord between logic and emotion. My kind personality want more emotion and instead of logic. My logical personality needs more logic than emotion. I must always remember to have both matter at process in my words, regardless of the individual's personality by types by listening.

Knowing most persuasive situations, each individual or the people react based on emotions then later to justify their actions with logic reason and facts. When the message is completely based on emotion that often alert or set off alarm bells on the logical side. However, the logical message that doesn't appeal to emotion which will not bring any strong response in the audience. Expert persuader knows how to make an equal balanced between logic and emotion in order to deliver persuasive message.

The people are persuading by reason, but they are moved by emotion. The research shows that up to ninety percent of the decisions they make are based on emotion. They use logic to justify by their actions to themselves. To remind that emotion will always win over logic the imagination will always win over reality. For example, think about talking to children about their fear of the dark, or to someone about their phobia of spiders. I know it's useless to try logic to persuade them that their thoughts and actions do not make perfect sense, clearly they are convinced that there's a problem. Just because they are scared by image instead to see the real happen.

This pattern of emotion can be also seeing in the way the people buy even in the way people convince themselves of something. Their heads do see numbers and tell others to stick with the car that's in reasonable price, but their hearts beating for the gleaming sporty car and telling others to go home with a classy car like jaguar. Their heads tell others it's ridiculous to buy another pair of shoes when they already have over ten pairs of shoes. They may have realize that no one will ever notice



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