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Parents Should Hide Their Negative Emotions from Their Children

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Essay Preview: Parents Should Hide Their Negative Emotions from Their Children

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Nowadays, violence family is one of the social issues. It greatly influences on forming and growing characteristics of children, therefore, attitudes of parents play an important role. I'm absolutely in the opinion that parents should hide negative emotions, such as anger and sorrow from their children.

Firstly, children are greatly influenced from behaviors of their parents. Because they are intend to imitate activities around them at early age and parents are always beside by this time. If parents have a argument or sorrow which would be flected by children, activities at next time. That make a bad influence in forming children characteristics. From my experience, my friend is an example. His parents used to agrue when he was a child. This was reglected through his responses in class. He used to be silent and rude in behave the world around him. Now, he is a gangter, it is sad to hear that.

Secondly, children would not feel safe when they witness parents negative emotions. Furthermore, they might be afraid of talking to their parents and be depression day by day. It is also hard for them to share their emotions and problems to their parents. A distance would appear between two generations.

Thirdly, resisting negative emotions is useful for parents to control themselves. If they aware not good at controlling themselves, they could speak rude words or do violence active. People do not appreciate that.

In conclusion, with bad influences, I strongly support hiding negative emotions from children. Let children grow up safe and better.



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