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Machenical Engineering

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For a 'Good mechanical engineering is built on a strong foundation of theory, reinforced by an amalgam of experience and innovation.' (The University of Adelaide, 2009)

The role of Mechanical engineers is extremely varied as they can specialise in so many different industries. Some of these industries are aviation, power generation, manufacturing, refrigeration and air-conditioning, transportation and mechanical handling.

In general mechanical engineers work to develop and use new knowledge, and use new technology to improve the quality of life for a particular community. They can do this by designing new machines, carrying out research to find easier and more environmentally friendly ways to improve a pre-existing product.

Mechanical engineers create the processes and systems that drive technology and industry("Mechanical Engineering overview" Without this principle of engineering such simple things that are forgotten about, but have made our life so comfortable and often lazy, would never have happened. Take for example the elevator, it goes back as early as 3rd century BC and over the thousands of years it has been developed from water wheel power to steam power to now more commonly known electric elevators. This one innovation alone proves the point that mechanical engineers are constantly adapting to the needs of our society, to develop ideas to the maximum of what is available at the time.

Mechanical engineers can also work on maintaining and supervising manufacturing process plants for example power stations. Another role that Mechanical engineers can specialise in is acting as consultants for clients advising them about changes or improvements to a product and estimating costs of products.

However Mechanical Engineering as a profession can be challenging. Engineers usually design new products and technologies to improve the standard of living on earth, however even with these ideals these intentions can produce unpredicted negative outcomes. An example of this is the development of nuclear atomic bombs which were first dropped in the Second World War causing devastation in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This development in technology resulted in the killing of thousands and had lasting impacts on the health of the population 7 generations later.

Some recent mechanical engineering trends are to develop technologies that encourage a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable global environment. This means today's Mechanical engineers, are also under significant pressure to conform to the world's increasing concern of global warming and environmental issues. The focus now is to replace burning fuels and other pollutants for more natural substances to generate the same power that we have come to rely on. There has been recent developments in carbon composite materials which are used in air, ground and water transport. (, 2010). In order to meet this demand Mechanical Engineers must ensure they create environmentally friendly products. Many fields of engineering are now trying to comply with the internationally recognised green building rating system, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

LEED was created by the U.S. Green Building council in 1988. This council provides a set of guidelines for what is considered an environmentally sustainable design or construction. LEED aims to accurately define 'green building', recognises and rewards environmental leadership and raises awareness about green building



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