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Need for Engineers

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Essay Preview: Need for Engineers

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"Engineers make a world of difference" this phrases could not be anything less than true. Engineers truly do make a difference in the world. Whether its by making products more safe, products more enjoyable, or more productive engineers make a huge difference.

Engineers are always trying to find a way to make products better. This includes making items less dangerous to the public. Many engineers are involved in the making of cars. Without the involvement of engineers in the auto industry, first of all cars would not exist. Also though, there would be no airbags, no anti-braking locks, no seatbelts, there would not be a lot. There would be a lot more deaths due to low vehicle safety. There is still also much room for improvement. Until the day that it is impossible for a person to get injured while driving a car, there will always be engineers designing a better and more feature for cars. Cars along with other product, engineers are thinking of ways to make them more safe.

Another question/goal that engineers have in mind is "How can a product be more enjoyable to the public?". Many people do not think about it but engineers have a big part in new products. They are the reason why lots of products have newer better versions indirectly. Products are tested to see how they can be improved and to see how the public respond to the product. It's trial and error but a more enjoyable product v2.0 is almost inevitable.

Another inevitable occurrence is with products and their productivity. Engineers are always trying to find ways to make a product more useful. One example is with cars and how many miles they can get per gallon(MPG). The higher the MPG the more in demand they will be. Everyone wants a car with a high MPG rate. With prices getting higher every day even the slightest increase in MPG would in the long run help greatly. Engineers are designing newer engines that can use less gas and use the gas more efficiently and effectively. One day there will be in fact a very small amount of gas on the earth so engineers are also working on making motors that do not require using gas. Motors that involve using hydrogen or sun power or even air, there are many ideas floating around.

Engineers mean a great deal to the world. Without them the world would truly be doomed and life as we know it would be more like that of the stone age. Engineers are greatly needed for the mankind.



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