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Main Factors in Success of Volkswagen's Drivers Wanted Campaign

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Essay Preview: Main Factors in Success of Volkswagen's Drivers Wanted Campaign

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The main factor in the success of the Driver's Wanted campaign was Volkswagen's big decision to change ad agencies to Arnold. Arnold's first step was to conduct extensive research and interviews in regards to Volkswagen vehicles and this research was pertinent to the future success of their "Drivers Wanted" campaign. Arnold realized that it was the attitude of VW's demographic that was more important than their age, income level or education. VW drivers viewed their car as more than just a tool to get them from point A to point B. These consumers wanted to live life to the fullest.

Arnold's focus on this information led to the success of VW's new "Drivers Wanted" ad campaign. They created a campaign that focused on the rational and emotional benefits the car provided its drivers. The rational benefits were affordable German engineering and the emotional benefits were a different driving experience which went hand in hand with a different way of living.

Arnold went on to identify the "young executive" yearning for escape and adventure after their busy work week as well as a brand new younger audience. By co-branding with companies Trek and K2 they targeted a very young and adventurous, extreme sports type of demographic. Their hunger for younger customers did not stop here. They also went after the "hip Gen-x driver" via a commercial showing two young men driving aimlessly, marketing towards a generation of guys with little ambition and direction. With these campaigns Volkswagen had both sides of the coin covered.

Targeting these young demos poised a bit of a problem for the new Beetle. VW had to decide if they wanted to target the baby boomers, the 18-34 group or both. In terms of positioning for the 18-34 group I like where VW went with their co-branding and "Drivers Wanted" campaigns. Getting the name of your car to be associated with a mountain bike company and a ski products company is a very smart move for a brand that is already known as "more than just a car" and feeding off the emotional benefits of the vehicle is a great way to target young consumers.

If I wanted to target the baby boomers I would go an entirely different direction marketing wise and would focus more on how the qualities and features that made the Beetle so popular decades ago are still part of the brand today. My message would feed off the nostalgia and history this target audience has with the Beetle.

One thing is for certain and that is it would be very difficult if not impossible to target both groups of people. The pro of targeting the baby boomers is that a relationship has already been established so advertising would be a lot easier as you can tap into their nostalgia. On top of that baby boomers can afford the increased price of the car and are a much more specific target than the young



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