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Main Talk Guide

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*Please remember that this is only a GUIDE - NOT a SCRIPT. Just get the GIST, understand the FLOW of the talk and find ways to inject YOURSELF. Do just use this as a GUIDE to what's supposed to be said in terms of CONTENT; DELIVERY is all yours. GOOD LUCK! ♥

Hi! How are you doing? What's on your mind? You're probably thinking of the epic summer you just had to kiss goodbye. Or maybe going home to chill and play some video games - (like PacMan who just turned 30 years old this year!) Maybe you're thinking about sparkly vampires, or if that isn't your thing, maybe even "hot" wizards. You could be looking forward to your next tweet or what to Like next on Facebook. What about partying this weekend to the tunes of the Biebs? Maybe you're just hungry like me.

* Hi, so how are you doing? What's on your mind? You're probably missing the summer you just had, hanging out at the beach and waking up late. Or maybe you can't wait to go home and play some video games - like pacman. Maybe you're dreaming about sparkly vampires because of the movie you just watch. Or for the wizard fans, maybe you just can't wait for the upcoming movie with those hot witches and wizards

But hey! In a just a few months you're all going to be college freshmen. So it's only natural that you're thinking about college. So let's be realistic. When thinking of college, what schools usually come to mind? Is it that maroon school in Diliman? That green school in Taft? Or maybe even that blue - I'm sorry, I meant "the" blue school in Katipunan? Well, that's perfectly understandable as they've been around for a really long time. They're probably even older than this guy! But for once let's talk about something different , something fresh - let's talk about UA&P.

So let's get down to the bare facts. When choosing a college, what do you usually look for? Prestige? Well I'm thinking, when you've got a university that was founded by two brilliant Harvard graduates - two of the best economists of their time - one of whom went on the help write the Philippine Constitution in 1987 & the other who was our country's former finance secretary, there's got to be some element of prestige in that right? What about accessibility? UA&P is located in the heart of Ortigas Center, one of the largest financial districts in the country. If you can get to Megamall, Metrowalk and Shangri-La, there's no way you can't get to UA&P. So how do you get there? (playful) You can take your nice fancy car. Maybe, your not-so-fancy car. If you want to be practical, why not take the MRT? If you want to hang out with friends, try carpooling or if you want to make new friends, you could even try this. Now what about safety? You'll be happy to know that at UA&P there are no known fraternities or sororities, no mafias or monkey business. You don't have to worry about getting harassed by guys like this - bullying you for your lunch money - so you're able to focus on more important things and have a comfortable student life.

Okay. Quick question. Do you guys like attention? Well, assuming you do, at UA&P you'll get LOTS of it. How? We have less than 2000 students. This allows us to have a student-teacher ratio of 8 is to 1, which is the best among the major universities in the country. Now that doesn't mean that there are only 8 students per class, that's pretty boring, right? I mean, come on. Zero social life, zero love life. What do you do with 8 guys in a room? Use your imagination. What it does mean is that for every 8 students on campus, there is 1 dedicated professor who is more than willing to help make your college life easier. At UA&P, the average class size is around 20 to 25 students. You don't have to worry about getting lost in a class of 50, where you're just another random student number, and your teacher won't even know your name. If you're following my logic here: bigger university, 40 to 50 in a class, less attention. Smaller university, 20 to 25 in a class, more attention. You're the class/batch that likes attention, right? Need I say more?

Now that we've talked about quantity, what about quality? In a bigger university, this is what an actual class would look like. Because there are just so many of you, you can smell the person sitting right next to you or it'd be so easy for you to sit at the back, fall asleep, slack off - and the teacher won't even notice. You can't pull that off at UA&P. This is what our classes look like. Now because there are less of you in class: you can interact more personally with your professor or when working in a group, you're not just with a bunch of strangers, you're with friends. Because of this, you'd naturally want to perform well and do your best - making you competitive. Having this mindset will lead you down the road to success later on in life.

* Students 098795, please answer question number 4.

Being a small school allows us to offer our students a unique benefit known as mentoring? Are you guys familiar with what a mentor is? Well, at UA&P, every student is assigned a personal mentor; someone who can be your "ate" or "kuya' away from home. Your mentor can be anyone from the faculty or management staff. If you're a guy, you get assigned a male mentor & if you're a girl, a female mentor. Just so there's no unnecessary weirdness. What do you talk about? Academic life, love life, family life, social life, future professional life - basically, anything under the sun. They're really just there to help guide you through your hopefully-happy-college experience.

Moving on. Real, tangible support is given to our varsities, organizations and events. Quick question. Who here is into theatre? Well, at UA&P we have various theatre orgs that cater to both English and Filipino plays. Now because it's such a small, (family) tight-knit community, plays are usually a big deal. Anybody from the president of the university to the janitor may actually stop by to watch. Let's say you do star in one of our plays, don't be surprised if the next day, everybody comes up to you and says "Hi! You were great!" and you could be remembered forever, just like Mike.

* President and the janitors would watch. They'll peek in the room while cleaning the halls. And when you star in one of the plays, by the next day people would call you out saying "Hi (name), that was so cool!" and be remembered just like mike.

On a more serious



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