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Male Devine Article

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Male Devine Article

In summarizing the article of the Images of the Divine Masculine, K.C. Holt, explains that the masculine divine is in danger of being devalued. He also goes on to explain that the feminist movement brought on in the sixties, which the women held out for hope, but for the men as well. The men also had agreed all along with what the women were saying, but only to realize that their own liberation from unrealistic and emotional stereotypes hung in the balance. When you look at from a spiritual landscape today it would appear that the image of the divine masculine hangs in the balance.

Although men has had a late start to understanding their spiritual side, but there is a patriarchal behavior within the women's movement and that men need to reclaim what orthodox patriarchal religion that has been suppressed or persecuted. The article also discusses that the patriarchal society has had a numbing effect on the souls of men and how we as men seek the door to our feelings and that the spiritual side along with renewed vigor allows them to learn how to love and work in ways that heal their lives.

For years men has been viewed through the rites of passage to have the hero image and that they find themselves sent out to compete, accumulate wealth, power and dominate their environment, while we lack the connection to earth, women gains this connection through menstruation and birth, instead men, are linked to nature's cycles through the activities of hunting, farming, gathering and agriculture. So what men needs to really understand is that men of today are in need of major restricting by using a basic paradigms and also governing their masculinity and become more aware of their consciousness and behavior.

In conclusion the image of the divine male can date back as far as the beginning of time when God created man in his own image. In that time man was given specific instructions on what to do and not to do. This did not change until God gave man a woman and things change from that perspective. The image of the divine man changed and in that time when the orthodox concept of God became sterile and sexless, the deities of the earth and sea await all men. As men, we have the task to reclaim the divine masculine and unite with our sisters in perfect trust and perfect love.




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