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Man at the Crossroads - Diego Rivera

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Essay Preview: Man at the Crossroads - Diego Rivera

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Man At The Crossroads

In “Man at The Crossroads” Diego Rivera argues that everything plays a part in this universe. The artist is trying so say that no matter how big or how small, everything matters, everything causes something to happen. Considering these ovals in the center are direct examples to show how much everything really matters. The artist shows micro objects like calls and bacteria, but then he also shows the universe and planets. The picture also shows the trees, showing it matters because it provides us oxygen to live. The artist shows lots of people, many different that are from different times and from different parts of the world. There are two statues that could provide religion to the picture. The left statue looks like it could be Zeus wearing a rosary; the artist could be trying to combine the two religions. And on the right, is a statue with the head cut off and holding something that looks like a swastika on it. Religion is something in everyday life, marking it matter a whole lot to everyone. There is something that looks like a war scene in the top left, could be there to protect what matters to them or exterminating other people. The man with the fire torch looks almost unhuman. This picture makes me feel this way become it all leads to it. In the center, there is one man. Ever war or speech or learning activity matters as much to the whole world just as much as one man.



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