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The Difference Between a Businessman and a Business-Man

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Essay Preview: The Difference Between a Businessman and a Business-Man

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The Difference between a Businessman and a Business...Man

After attending years and years of school as an average student, it has come to the author of this paper's realization that the difference between a successful student and an unsuccessful student not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of study habits, discipline, and will power.

Study habits are one of the most important habits students must contain when it comes to achieving success. Most students realize the difference between good and bad grades in a universal sense, but that is normally where the knowledge ends. Because learning is synonymous to studying, it is obvious that successful students must do so consistently. They apply good study habits to each and every one of their classes. There are many ways accomplish these habits. Simple things such as using the amount of time given wisely by pacing their studying and not "cramming" for tests, writing a paper or completing a project are traits of a successful student. Studying at a specific schedule and sticking to that schedule is also effective. Unsuccessful students on the other hand, display the exact opposite by waiting until the last minute on important assignments such as studying for exams and finals, writing long papers, and completing enormous projects just hours before they are due. Not only are the above listed not effective, but they also burn a lot of mental energy. After doing a study on what students attribute their academic success and unsuccess, Professor Marija Lebedina-Manzoni, PH.D states "In regard to unsuccessful students, successful ones evaluate that the most important things for their studying are persistence, good lectures, conscience, a will to gain knowledge..." (706). In order to acquire such respectable study habits, students must obtain one extremely important characteristic. That characteristic is discipline.

Discipline, also known as self-restraint, is another important aspect of being a prosperous student. When it comes to discipline academically, one must obtain a great amount of focus. Decent students display self-restraint by making their school work a priority. Actions such as not mixing socialization and schoolwork, sticking to a strict schedule, and stay away from all electronics. Examples of this are avoiding unserious study groups, social networks, and texting while studying. Unproductive students, however constantly allow their social life to overpower their important school life. They do things such as talk on the phone and communicate with friends through other sources all while studying. This is obviously not the way to go on the road to success. Without discipline, there is no focus. No focus shows no sign of any will.

Will power is the determination to do something. Will the size of a mustard seed has the power to change the whole course of a life instantly. Therefore, students only need a reasonable amount



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