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Managed Healthcare in India

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Managed Healthcare in India

The Healthcare Industry in India is worth about Rs 100,000 crore , and accounts for nearly 5% of GDP. It is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in India and is expected to continue to grow at 12-13% per annum. According to a WHO report 2000, the industry is expected to register a 17 per cent growth and reach a size of more than Rs. 225,000 crore by 2005-06 . According to an IDFC report, at current utilisation rates it is estimated that a minimum of 750,000 extra beds will be needed to meet the increased demand for healthcare services. This will result in a market size of Rs. 320,000 cr by 2012 .

Healthcare in India is, in fact, being hailed as the next big business opportunity. The reasons cited are several: a large and growing middle-class with rising income levels, changing disease profiles with a move towards non-communicable, lifestyle diseases, increase in coverage of health insurance and demand levels that far outstrip supply of services.

Recognizing this business opportunity, the private sector has taken an increasing interest in the healthcare segment in the last few decades. Presently, although there are over 150 corporate hospitals in India, the most prominent being Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Escorts and Kovai Medical Centre, a large share of the market is captured by several smaller hospitals and nursing homes, making it an extremely fragmented industry.

1.2 Project Client: Akshaya Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad

The mission of the Apollo Group of Hospitals is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. The group is committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity. The activities of the group also include pharmacies, telemedicine, and health insurance.

The Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad was inaugurated on the 11th of May, 2003, and is located on the Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar highway. Built with an investment of Rs. 130.81 crores, the 400-bed Apollo Ahmedabad provides treatment facilities in 52 medical specialties and is the first Quaternary Care Hospital (having focus on tertiary care healthcare services as well as research facilities) in Gujarat. The hospital is equipped with latest generation diagnostic and treatment facilities, 24-hour Pharmacy, comprehensive Laboratory Services & Blood Bank .


2.1 Alternative Decision Problems

2.1.1 Problems Currently Faced by the Hospital Promotion Related Operations Related



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